Game Features

Free to Play

Anyone can download and play for free. Players can optionally choose to purchase upgrades for their rides, game passes, special track décor and entry fees for specific events


Traditional Esport players can play from anywhere, using a standard computer, with a keyboard or game controller. The same strategies and features are available whether cycling or playing with a controller providing a unique and fun gaming experience.


CVRcade is considered the “Esport for Everybody” because it features a proprietary handicapping system called Physical Equalization™. This special feature allows players of various physical abilities to ride and compete equally against one another. By accessing this special feature, anyone can compete with equal strength against family members, friends, co-workers and even top cyclists, and can WIN by combining the Physical Equalization™ and the use of strategies built into the game — not simply athletic power and endurance.

Community Content

Players can control and enhance their riding experience, riding, racing and gaming individually or on teams, in events they created themselves or by joining existing events, and can see and talk with other players on audio and video channels in game. Players have the option to broadcast their race via live stream to thousands of viewers worldwide through our partner Microsoft Mixer!


CVRcade also allows players to control both their gaming and riding experience. Players can customize tracks, choose themes, personalize avatars, crash/bump into each other, create their own events, see and talk to other players on audio/video channels, use CadeCoins to purchase special track décor and game passes, and take advantage of other components such as using power ups, drafting, steering, lane changing, and even utilizing wind speed and gradients. All these features are unique to CVRcade, providing a virtual cycling and gaming experience not seen anywhere else.