About CVRcade

CVRcade, created by Cycligent, Inc.®, is a free-to-play, online Esport game that provides an all-inclusive, virtual cycling, fitness, and gaming experience for individuals and teams.

It’s designed for anyone who wants to have fun riding, working out, racing, and being part of a large global, social Esport and fitness community.

CVRcade can be played online, in two different ways. Traditional Esport players can play from anywhere, using a standard computer, with a keyboard or game controller. Competitive cyclists and fitness workout enthusiasts, looking for the ultimate “blood, sweat, and tears” physical gameplay experience, can pedal to the podium, from their home or office, while riding on an actual bicycle hooked to an electronic trainer.

CVRcade is available for Windows and Mac systems and spectators can view live CVRcade World Cup races and live tournaments on Microsoft Mixer or on Facebook. To download CVRcade and play FREE please download now